Let Us See What You Got – Come Rock Our Taste Buds!

Come out and support The Communication Arts Department in their First Annual Tailgating Cook-Off on April 27, 2013.

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Here are a few ways everyone can get involved in this terrific event:

  1. Sign up as a participant in the cook-off, it is $50 to enter the cook-off. This could consist of one person or a team of 4. So if you and your friends love to cook and would love to come out and show us what you got just check out the Rules and Regulations page and contact us at atasteforsouthern@gmail.com.
  2. Spread the word, if you are not a great cook but know someone who is then tell them about this event and encourage them to enter.
  3. Volunteer to help, we are always looking for those individuals that love to help so events will run smoothly. If you are a student that needs volunteer hours or just a student that loves to help you can comment below or also contact us at atasteforsouthern@gmail.com.
  4. Finally, come out to the event and join in the festivities. While the cook-off is happening we will also be offering face painting, corn hole and a raffle of some great prizes. 91.9 The Buzz will be out playing the popular jams of today and afterwards you can watch Georgia Southern’s baseball game where our Eagles play Elon.

This fundraising event is to help The Communication Arts department make a transition into Sanford Hall, Spring 2014. The funds that are raised will help buy equipment and furniture.

Ellis Meat Market is offering 10% coupons to all participants, to use to buy their meat of choice that one feels will win the competition hands down.


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